Extra Life Sacramento aims to raise $75,000 for 2016

A group of Sac Town gamers will marathon game for 24 hours on Nov. 5 to benefit Children’s Miracle Network’s UC Davis Children’s Hospital


Father of Mario busts myths, reveals the mother of Bowser Jr.

Mr. Miyamoto answers questions about our favorite hero to promote Super Mario Maker Nintendo UK shared a video on Twitter and YouTube featuring Shigeru Miyamoto answering long-pondered fan questions about Mario and the Mushroom Kingdom as a promotional trailer for Super Mario Maker, which makes its debut today on the Wii U. In the video,…

ABC’s Nightline explores Gamergate

A segment from the popular ABC News program focuses on the death threats, discrimination and abuse directed toward women in the gaming industry ABC News’s Nightline aired a segment during its Wednesday, Jan. 14, 2015 edition on the “Gamergate” (not to be confused with Gamers Gate) controversy that has targeted women in games journalism and…