Opinion: We should protect our children from loot boxes at all costs

As loot boxes take over gaming, it’s time to end these predatory microtransactions

Rumor: Is Sony bringing back Crash Bandicoot?

Several alleged teases over the last couple of years seem to suggest the franchise may be heading back to PlayStation Way back when the PlayStation 4 was being marketed, prior to launch, there was that awesome trailer that featured all things PlayStation. Observant fans pointed out that there might even be a tease, or atContinue reading “Rumor: Is Sony bringing back Crash Bandicoot?”

Rock Band and Guitar Hero to release for next-gen (rumor)

Both Harmonix and Activision are rumored to have plans to revive their plastic instrument games After a recent (and, at the time, strange) downloadable song pack for Rock Band hit the Xbox and PlayStation stores, fans speculated whether a new Rock Band was in the works. According to a report filed by GameSpot, Rock BandContinue reading “Rock Band and Guitar Hero to release for next-gen (rumor)”