PS4 Eye, Eye Camera,

Check out the potential of the PlayStation 4’s Eye camera

E3 video highlights tech demos using the PS Eye


Sac City Gamer E3 coverage begins today

All the reveals, trailers and details right here in one place UPDATE 1: Xbox conference details added. UPDATE 2: EA, Ubisoft and Sony details added. UPDATE 3: Due to a personal crisis, I will not have time to add individual links to trailers to each item in the lists below, but you can visit GameSpot…

E3 2013 coverage here at Sac City Gamer

More E3 than your stomach can handle If you have to work or do other boring adult things during the E3 conferences this coming week, set your worries aside because Sac City Gamer will be covering everything you’ll want to know from Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo, EA, Ubisoft, Konami, and everyone else at gaming’s Super Bowl.…