Sac City Gamer’s top games of 2020

These are the top games we enjoyed the most last year

2015 Game Awards coverage (Update)

Sac City Gamer will have all the announcements, winners and exciting news right here as it unfolds tonight Update: All the winners, announcements and news is below for your viewing pleasure Update 2: It’s over! Thanks for following along with us. What did you think of the show? Update 3: GameSpot has all the trailers fromContinue reading “2015 Game Awards coverage (Update)”

Spike TV Video Game Awards (VGX) 2013 information and predictions

Sac City Gamer casts its votes The air date for the 2013 Spike TV Video Game Awards has been announced, as well as the list of nominees for each category. The three-hour show, dubbed VGX because, you know, it’s next-gen, will air on Dec. 7 at 3 p.m. Pacific Time. According to Spike’s official website,Continue reading “Spike TV Video Game Awards (VGX) 2013 information and predictions”