7 games or series we want to see remastered

From Syphon Filter to Super Mario Sunshine, here’s our list of 7 games we want to play again

E3 2015 @ SCG – Electronic Arts

See everything EA announces at E3 from Madden to FIFA to Need for Speed EA has been pretty consistent in years past at E3. They usually talk about all their sports franchises quite a bit as well as put a big focus on Need for Speed. This year will be interesting after EA’s announcement ofContinue reading “E3 2015 @ SCG – Electronic Arts”

Steam’s annual holiday sale is almost here

Stuff your virtual stockings while savings tons of cash Listen up PC gamers, time to take out those wallets and burn those credit cards. Well, not yet, wait until after you buy a bunch of cool games for low, low prices. Actually, the sales will take care of those cards anyway since they’ll be maxedContinue reading “Steam’s annual holiday sale is almost here”

Sac City Gamer celebrates first anniversary

SCG has been up and running for one year! Sac City Gamer is proud to announce that our site has been up and running for one year. Over the course of the year, we’ve brought you news about the Wii U, PlayStation 3 and 4, and Xbox 360 and One. We’ve also shared plenty ofContinue reading “Sac City Gamer celebrates first anniversary”